Cotna Eco Retreat

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What Previous WWOOFers Say

Heaven on Earth. Thank you for the walks, the food and for sharing this magical piece of spaciousness. My nails are dirty and my heart is happy!! Much love to you Sara and Dave. Your kindness and hospitality has been awesome.

Bronwyn, South Africa

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with me. I’ve really appreciated your warm hospitality, delicious produce, wonderful bread, gardening wisdom, laughter, musical evenings, magnificent coastal walks and general serenity. Already looking forward to a repeat visit.

Barry, Bristol

Thank you for having me! It’s been a privilege to be a WWOOFer here at Cotna and be a part of this little paradise for a few short weeks. I feel like I have learnt a lot—new skills like salad-growing and bread-making, and also had the chance to do some thinking, to eat your delicious meals every evening, walk your adorable dogs, explore the beautiful neighbourhood and get to know you. It’s been such a pleasure, and I’m sure I’ll be back!

Veronica, London

Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Marta & Sergio, Spain

Thanks for all the good moments at Cotna. Sharing your knowledge, time and space helped me a lot. I liked smashing apples and cutting wood for the winter. In the 12 months I’ve been here I’ve learnt that nature teaches us a lot and is a cool timemaker, so good! This is not goodbye, but see you soon.

Matteo Cantoni, Italian Alps

What can I say? Such a great time here, too quick maybe, so I hope to come back again and see the evolution of your little heaven. It has been a pleasure to meet you, so positive and good cooks and teachers you are too. Merci et a bientot j’espere

Kat & Agu, Francce

Thank you very much for the wonderful time here at Cotna! It is a lovely place. I’m sure I’ll come back. I really feel inspired for my garden at home.

Anna, Germany

Thank you Sara and Dave so much for another inspiring, laughter-filled couple of weeks at beautiful Cotna. Picnics in the orchard, new additions to the animal family and many happy hours in the garden. Already looking forward to my next visit.

Alex, Cornwall

Thank you for a great WWOOF experience and a friendly and very healthy time. It means a lot to me that we can participate in such a positive permaculture lifestyle. Keep up the outstanding work and good luck with the baby chicks, new greenhouse and swimming pool.

Stefan Borowski, Switzerland

I was drawn to Cotna for a number of reasons. Location was great, the smallholding looked fantastic, as did the hosts. Mainly though I liked the artistic and spiritual approach underlying Cotna. I knew that Cotna would resonate with me as it certainly has! Meditation is a tool I use nearly every day and I was drawn to Cotna for this reason being a spiritual / meditation retreat as well as an eco-retreat. Cotna has the marvellous quality of combining all these wonderful and essential things.

My favourite memories…

“Weekend in The Woods” Working like a troop of ants recycling the fallen oak tree. What an amazing experience having loads of ex-WWOOFers there with many of Dave’s friends as well to celebrate Dave’s birthday with a full-on party in the evening, not to mention the Cotna Cider!

“Eating” I love all the get together meals we have at Dave and Sara’s some evenings after a hard day’s WWOOFing. Sara and Dave are wonderful hosts and Sara’s cooking is just to die for! Vegetarian food like you have never tasted.

“WWOOFing in the Rain” Planting 250 willow trees and pollarding and now 2 months later they are all growing. Very satisfying at a root level. Ha ha! My little contribution to the Cotna community and planet earth as a whole. What is it Greenpeace say “Think Global, Act Local”.

In truth all my stays at Cotna have been awesome. It’s always fresh and exciting and a place to receive healing through nature, love and generosity of spirit.

Paul, Bristol