Cotna Eco Retreat

4 To the Rising Sun pub at Portmellon Circular (Through Penwarne)


above: Beautiful Portmellon

Duration / Distance: 90 minutes 2.5 miles
Terrain: Steep hill at Cotna, stiles, muddy when wet at Galowras Mill and in Portmellon valley
Overview: Wide open views across the Portmellon valley to the sea. Old pub by the beach at Portmellon, quiet peaceful woods and riverside on the return leg.

Leave Cotna through entrance way then immediately right along the hedge of the oval field. Over the stile on the right, cross 2 horse fields on the path, then over the 3rd stile and down steep grassy hill in Sanctuary Wood.

Turn right at bottom through gate, follow path over stream, across wild field, over stile into West Bodrugan Wood nature reserve. Keep to the level path until the gate onto the lane. Turn left down to Galowras Mill, then turn right to follow the signed public footpath through a gate and stream, up to fields.

Follow the field track along the valley, then round to the left up into Penwarne Farm (parts are 15th C). Go through the farm buildings and up the lane to the road; turn left uphill then immediately right onto a footpath through a leafy residential lane. At the end, join the coast road and turn right downhill to the Rising Sun Inn on the beach.

After checking the pub, continue on the coast road past the beach and turn right into the boat yard. Follow the path to the gate at the bottom right into the field along the valley bottom. Follow the path past the marsh on the right, through the woods, across the small lane, and keeping to the right where the path splits.

Follow the path out of the woods, across the wild field and back to the gate at the bottom of Sanctuary Wood. Turn left up the steep climb of Cotna Hill, over the stile at the top back into the neighbouring horse fields. Watch for the tower of Gorran church appearing over the skyline as the path slightly changes direction (the hedge line once had tall trees).

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