Cotna Eco Retreat

6 Chapel Point, Colonna Beach, Old Walls & Bodrugan Circular


above: Chapel Point

Duration / Distance: 2 hours / 4 miles
Terrain: Stiles at Cotna and Colonna Beach; muddy when wet in Portmellon valley.
Overview: Quiet peaceful woods; riverside and fields downhill to Portmellon; coast path above cliffs to architectural gem Chapel Point, secluded deserted small circular sandy beach at Colonna; wide open valley up to Old Walls cottage garden; through the historic farmstead of Bodrugan Barton.

Leave Cotna through entrance way then immediately right along the hedge of the oval field. Over the stile on the right, cross 2 horse fields on the path, then over the 3rd stile and down steep grassy hill in Sanctuary Wood.

Turn right at bottom through gate, follow path over stream, across wild field, over stile into West Bodrugan Wood nature reserve. Keep to the level path, cross the small lane from Galowras Mill and keep on the level wooded path, over a stile onto the level path beside the marsh then through the last field to Port Mellon boatyard. At the harbour see the Rising Sun Inn to the left and the coast road to Mevagissey.

Turn right uphill, then soon turn left onto Chapel Point Lane (coast path). Keep walking past the houses and the unwelcoming signs; take the coast path down to the left and across fields to Chapel Point and down to Colonna Beach.

Over the stile and turn right to head up the valley with the stream on your left. Luxuriant watercress down to the sea but not for eating raw! Liver fluke from animal droppings could be present on the leaves.

Follow the path up the valley and through the streamside garden of Old Walls cottage.

Follow the farm track up to Bodrugan; walk the footpath through the farm, now mainly used as holiday cottages, emerge onto the road above Portmellon. Turn left along the road until you reach a turning to the right through a metal gate (usually open for public access anyway). Follow the lane down towards Galowras Mill; near the bottom take a left through the gate back into the woods of West Bodrugan nature reserve.

Follow the path keeping to the right where the path splits, then out of the woods, across the wild field and back to the gate at the bottom of Sanctuary Wood. Turn left up the steep climb of Cotna Hill, over the stile at the top back into the neighbouring horse fields. Watch for the tower of Gorran church appearing over the skyline as the path slightly changes direction.

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