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Seville Marmalade


Sevilles are here again, not exactly local but certainly seasonal! Every year I forget which recipe she used but this year I reckon I have worked out the perfect combination to make the best marmalade so far! So see what you think of the recipe below. Apart from that, we’ve been cutting willow & starting to make baskets again, mmm tasty. Oh and big digging works down in the woods, thanks to Dom & his digger & us helping out a bit. Billy’s favourite thing 🙂

Tangy Seville Marmalade

At risk of repeating myself from last year, January is the time my mind turns to making marmalade. So here is what I have worked out as the best recipe so far to make our favourite marmalade! By squeezing the juice & adding it toward the end of the cooking you keep the lovely tangy, citrus taste.

3lb seville oranges

3 pints water

2 lemons

5-6lb sugar (depending on taste)

Squeeze the juice from the oranges & set aside. Scrape out the pith & seeds with a spoon & put aside for tomorrow to be used as a pectin boost. Thinly slice the orange rind & soak in pan with the water & half the juice overnight to tenderise the rind.

Next day boil the rind slices & water for 1-2 hours, along with the pulp you set aside, tied up in a muslin jelly bag. After 1-2 hours, allow to cool slightly & remove the jelly bag & squeeze out all the sticky juice (hmm, messy!) add the orange juice, plus juice from 2 lemons for extra tang & the sugar. Bring to boil & cook at rolling boil for about 20 – 30 mins. Do the setting test by a) using a thermometer & b) putting a plate in the freezer for a few minutes then spooning some marmalade onto it. If the surface crinkles it’s ready! Cool a little & fill about 7-8 sterilised jars. Keeps until at least the same time next year, if not longer 🙂


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