Cotna Eco Retreat


Environmental Policy

Sustainability is at the core of our ethos at Cotna, and the reason our Eco Retreat exists. As you will see from your visit, we try our very best to create and maintain an oasis of natural beauty and tranquillity where diverse species exist alongside us humans. We are committed to avoiding pollution through recycling and reusing everything we can, limiting use of harmful chemicals and managing our waste responsibly. Please help us to reduce re-use & recycle:

  • limit the amount of plastic you bring onsite eg water bottles plastic bags & packaging – we have a natural spring that supplies delicious, pure water
  • use eco products for washing – we supply ecover washing up liquid and faith in nature shampoos
  • use our recycling system carefully with clearly labelled bins in the recycling areas




We follow Charles Dowding’s ‘no-dig’ approach, which has revolutionised our gardening – our poly tunnels and vegetable garden are fully productive and healthy, providing sufficient food for everyone who lives and stays here, and our salads have a high reputation locally.  It’s become increasingly important to know where our food comes from and to regenerate the land rather than deplete it, so we mulch the beds in winter and add as many natural organic nutrients as possible – compost, green-waste, horse manure, and we also collect seaweed from the beach in winter.

“Soil is the soul of our society. It is where life began – it is where life begins. We treat it like dirt at our peril.” (Sams, Ecologist 2015 No. 288)