Cotna Eco Retreat


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Coming on Retreat

Cotna Eco Retreat provides a supportive and friendly space for people to come on retreat and connect back to earth & the elements. You are surrounded by the best of Cornwall; quiet organic gardens, woodland, coastal walks and beautiful nearby beaches.

Pengelly Orchard Studio, Gilliflower woodland yurt and Ismay Shepherd’s are good for solitary spiritual retreats, writer’s retreats or quiet reflective breaks.  Many people who come on retreat are Buddhist, but we welcome retreatants from all backgrounds who want to step back from their busy lives and take stock. We now have a secluded roundhouse which can be used for meditation at certain times in agreement with us, with a shrine, candles, meditation cushions and mats.

October – April tend to be the quietest time to be here, although life here always runs at a gentle pace with other guests or volunteers on site. We can supply most food, and always do our best to meet any other requests you have, respecting silence where appropriate. For many people, being on an organic farm that works in harmony with nature  can add to the experience of being on retreat, but you are not in complete isolation and may come across people around the place quietly getting on with things!

Prices have been reduced for single retreat occupants and are always open to negotiation. Please contact us directly to book on 01726 844867 or

Retreats 2021

£250 per week (low season)

£400 per week (mid season)



Many thanks for giving me the space & silence I needed, and for all your kindness, generosity & thoughtfulness. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to feel the sense of harmony & respect for nature that is woven into the fabric of this place. I’ve longed for this all my life, so seeing & experiencing it lived out here by you has been deeply inspiring.

Sarah, Bristol

I had a very fruitful and creative week in my yurt in the storms and wild weather—I loved it and even wrote a poem—a new departure for me. Your bread was delicious, as were the eggs, pesto and salad. Am having visions of bringing my brother and niece here one day. Thank you for creating and developing this small oasis of sanity and inspiration.

Akashadevi, London

Thank you very much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I was very anxious when I arrived but your hospitality and the obvious love and care you have for this beautiful place made the barn one of the most comfortable places I have ever stayed on solitary retreat. Thank you for the wonderful food. I wish you well with what you are creating here—a jewel of the Cornish countryside!

Jo, London

What a fantastic retreat—calm, warm and close to nature. Excellent food too—aweseomely fresh, wholesome and plentiful. Body, mind and spirit recharged. Thanks for making it happen!

Pippa, Cambridge

Thanks for creating such a lovely space here, and for welcoming me to Cotna for a short time! Beautiful walks—I spent a lot of time on beaches and a lovely atmosphere here – and I ate so well! A much needed retreat in many ways … Thanks for the wwoofers friendly and thoughtful presence, I have felt very supported here to do what I wanted to do.

Amber, London

Thank you so much for a truly nourishing time on this sacred spot.

Katherine, Bristol

Cotna was life-changing for me, even though I didn’t know it at the time!

Mary, Swindon

Many thanks for developing this wonderful setup—for providing everything I needed and leaving me to get on with my retreat.  What lovely surroundings to explore… woodlands, coastal paths, meadows and more.  A great environment to relax, reflect and take stock.  All the best for the future of your inspiring project.  Best wishes.

Keturaja, Cambridge

Arrived insane … leaving less so!  With love, gratitude and appreciation.

Rena, Lincoln

Fabulous place for a retreat. Quiet and peaceful, lovely walks and the work of a smallholding going on around. And the dogs and chicks of course!

Carol & Swadipa, Ipswich

My first solitary retreat and 2 weeks! It was important for me to be in a place I like and in contact with nature. Cotna is lovely and what a delight to have meals outside in front of the orchard. I enjoyed very much the walks on the coast path, beautiful views. Thanks a lot Sara and Dave for creating this beautiful space where people can recharge themselves. I’ll take away a bit of it in me!!

Isabelle, Cambridge

I cannot thank you enough for accommodating me on retreat this week. The experience surpassed all my expectations and I take back with me many fond memories. Being able to reflect and meditate in such beautiful and natural surroundings and in a peaceful and calm atmosphere has been nothing less than transformative. I am returning with a greater appreciation of the world around me and a more meditative state of mind. Thank you for your kindness. I wish you the very best of luck for the future.



I very much enjoyed being at Cotna. Lovely countryside, so pleasing to the eye; the peace gave me a good basis for my meditations and reflections; and of course the home comforts in the barn—I loved it! There was also the fact that it is a working farm, run on ecological and organic lines. I felt pleased to be part of it (in a passive sort of way) and it added a lot to my retreat. With very best wishes,


Many thanks, such a lovely place to spend a week. And what beautiful coastline! I feel refreshed and inspired to do something similar after my stay here. So thank you!


Thank you for creating such a beautiful space and the warm and friendly welcome. There is a very harmonious atmosphere here—and that includes the dogs & cats! Warm wishes


Our first stay in a yurt was very comfortable & provided everything we really needed. We’ve enjoyed our week waking with the roosters & watching all the wildlife here. Your sourdough, strawberries, fresh eggs & salad leaves made our meals tasty & delightful. We will recommend you & definitely come again. A big thankyou for everything!

Sarah & Surata

Thanks for creating and maintaining this haven.  We explored and relaxed equally and had endless days of sunshine.  Had a truly wonderful time. Thanks especially for the use of bikes, lots of fun.

Claudine & Ratnaprabla, London

Lovely people. Lovely place tucked away in a lovely part of Cornwall. It was easy to feel at home here.


Fabulous place for a retreat. Quiet and peaceful, lovely walks and the work of a smallholding going on around. And the dogs and chicks of course!

Carol & Swadipa, Ipswich 

Thank you for a wonderful stay – for the peace and positivity, the lovely fresh water, the tasty vegetables, the beautiful living space—all the care and attention to detail. Beauty and practicality.

Padmalila, East London