Cotna Eco Retreat

Guess who came to Dinner

Lovely Cornish chef James Strawbridge dropped at by at Cotna Eco Retreat last week and cooked us dinner! It’s prime wild garlic season at the moment so we went foraging in our woods. He then cooked up the most delicious gnocchi we’ve ever eaten. The secret for the pesto seems to be loads of lemon juice and grated rind in the garlic pesto with some spinach to soften the heat, a rocket & charred leek base with some panko breadrumbs fried up on top – easy! And of course a beautiful kitchen to cook it in thanks to the great kettle co. kitchens! Coming shortly is the actual recipe if you’d like to try it out 🌱

James Strawbridge with Sara in the kitchen at Cotna Eco Retreat, eating delicious gnocchi with wild garlic pesto

Cornish Chef James Strawbridge at Cotna Eco Retreat

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