Cotna Eco Retreat

New Life, Willow, Sheds and Cold Water

Signs of new life are appearing at Cotna Eco Retreat as the days start to lengthen, despite the cold. In the polytunnels the broad beans and garlic are sprouting, which hopefully means the wild garlic in the woods can’t be too far behind. We’re starting to hear the song thrushes practise their varied tunes and the great tits with their more repetitive call of ‘teacher! teacher!’ The legendary Flump’s offspring are flying like angels, ducking & diving in the pond with great splashes 💦

It’s finally stopped raining after the very wet winter and this week we’ve ventured out into the sunshine to cut back the brambles and willow along the stream. The Gorran Haven Withy Crafters are using the willow stems to revive the local craft of weaving lobster pots before the art dies out completely with the last generation of local fishermen who remember how to make them.

Dave’s mega-shed has a roof and is slowly developing walls, so will hopefully be finished by the time we open up to this year’s guests at the start of May. While the men build sheds Sara and friends feel there’s nothing better in life than drinking ceremonial cacao while looking at the sea, after a freezing cold swim 🧜‍♀️  So until next month, enjoy the gradual return of light while making the most of this regenerative time before life starts to get busy!

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